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Steve Dalby and Marijn Somers (009 sur 073) - 24 02 2020 - 19h42-min_edited_edited.jpg


Marijn and Steve are two experienced Office 365 and SharePoint consultants who can be risque or just plain rude. They spend about 40 minutes talking about Office 365 and then introduce you to what we hope is a Whisky you have not tasted before.

On their YouTube channel, Steve and Marijn want to take you on a journey around the whisky world to SHARE, to EDUCATE and challenge you by TASTING different Whiskies and TALKING about how they are linked together.

Steve Dalby and Marijn Somers (007 sur 073) - 24 02 2020 - 19h41-min_edited_edited.jpg

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Live from Barcelona...

Every few years Marijn and Steve take a strategy break to discuss the podcast and record a few specail episodes the only criteria is that there should be a whisky bar of exceptional quality.  Space to work and talk about the direction for Office365Distilled.

EP79: Live from Barcelona - PP in the sun
EP81: Live from Barcelona - ADKAR Distilled
EP83: Live from Barcelona - Maturing Desire
EP85: Live from Barcelona - Maturing Ability
EP80: Live from Barcelona - Distilling Collaboration
EP82: Live from Barcelona - Maturing Awareness
EP84: Live from Barcelona - Maturing Knowledge
EP86: Live from Barcelona - Maturing Reinforcement
EP87: The Last of Barcelona: The Whiskies Imbibed

Welcome to The spirit of Barcelona

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